A captivating an excerpt from the upcoming novel called “Manaa Lena”


“Mery guzery Dino Mein Aisa Kuch Nahin hai Eshaal Hyder jis ja malaal ya koi pachtawa Mujhay ho. Mujhay prechay palat ker deikhny de dar Nahin Lagta Mager main Apny Aaj Mein jeena chahti hon. Jo lamhay guzar jaty hain Unn ki koi haqueeqat baqi Nahin rehti. Mera lamha E mojood mera Sab Kuch hai, mera yaqueen, mera asasa Bas Yahi hai.”

Excerpt from the forthcoming novel called “Manaa Lena”.

Written by Ushna Kausar Sardar.

A spellbinding excerpt from the upcoming novel called “Manaa Lena”.


“Agar Waqat ki nabz tham jai to tum Kisi lamhay ke tasalsul ko tor Nahin pao gi Aiyliyiah Mir, Magar main NE zamano ki Kabhi apni garift Mein leny ki Nahin Thani. Shyied main chahta tha ke tum agar Jo be-khabbar ho to ghafil Raho. Kyuke Kabhi Kabhi taghaful karaamad Hota hai, Ba-khabbar hony de Kahin Zaida”.

Excerpt from the forthcoming novel called “Manaa Lena”.

Written by Ushna Kausar Sardar.

Forever is a long time Written By Ushna Sardar


“Talking to you, that is what I am doing at this moment and this moment is all we have now. Our eyes meet and it is wondrous – like a stroll through an enchanted glade with colouful flowers and a gentle breeze”. He whispered.

“Ah such beautiful words, will you sing for me?”.

“That is not so much poetry as a description, but I will sing for you”. He smiled at her.

“Will you sing a song of love?”.

“Any time you ask me”.

“I like it when you sing for me”.

“Do you? Because it’s personal?”.

“I like if it’s a love song, because it’s for me”.

“There are many songs. Not all are about love….. but many are”.

“For me only?”. She smiled with real warmth.

“Yes, just you.”

“I want that about love.” She looked into his eyes.

“Love is the most beautiful thing of the world. Nothing is beautiful like it, but when I listen to your voice I want to see you so much!”. He looked fixedly at her.


“Yes, It often happens when I’m far!”. he turned, following her gaze.

“Your eyes!”. she whispered.

“I do have eyes”.

“Yes your eyes, face, your lips, your face …!”. She mumbled.

“But I only have eyes for you, I only have one face”.

“And it’s for me? You, your heart, your love and you?”.

“What about me?”.

“These for me? Say that once!”.

“What is?”

“You, your heart, your love and you?”. she was bewildered.

“being in love must have addled your brain”.

“So am I wrong? You don’t love me?”. her bemused expression.

“I comprehend, I think I do but I may not do. Who can say?”. he contemplated her image in the mirrors.

“Why not?”. She was completely mystified.

“Well, for a start I have a lack of anything!”


“Brain power, confidence . . . you name it.”

“It’s just a start?”.

“What about the finish?”.

“You want to finish it?”. She looked with amazement.

“Finish what? Well, I finished the songs.”

“You won’t let it continue?”. She gazed in awe.

“What do you think?”.

“It should continue!”. she marvelled at him.

“I finished my morning run, I finished composing a new song … oh, you mean us?”. He laughed.

“Yeah?”. She took a deep breath.

“That is up to us.”

“Forever?”. she demurred.

“I would say it would continue. Forever is a long time”.

“Until eternity then and beyond?”. He boggled her mind.

“Love for eternity? Until the 12th of never!”.

“12th?”. He smiled broadly.
“Beyond the sea and over the rainbow, and past the glass dome of the mighty mountain.”

“Ah okay! It should”. She felt so wretched.

“It could be!”.


“Yes, everlasting, endlessly! We are here for such a short time yeah, but … everything changes! And they say that a lady’s imagination is very rapid; it jumps from admiration to love, from love to matrimony in a moment”.

“What if I want it forever? For eternity and beyond? I would spent it with you, so can I? Can we?”. She murmured.

“Time will tell”.

“Time might tell”.


“Continuity can be there? Between hearts … between souls?”. She looked into his eyes.


“Between us?”.

“Who says?”.

“I say”.

“My heart is not my mind”.

“My heart and mind say, and my heart is my mind”.

“Not mine. Once I loved a girl, but her laughter was a question, I wanted to spend my whole life answering but soon I realised it was a waste of time. I must dawdle”. He laughed.

“Oh! … My granny told me once, a man is a free spirit, he likes to roam around, he is never in one place, he roams town to town, sky to sky. Once he has travelled, the voyage never ends”.

“Ah well, every man and woman seeks to break from any form of bondage”.

“Mayhap, but granny says: A man hates living in one place too long but a girl teaches him to build home and remain in a place til blue in the face, in fact she teaches him how to love and to spend with love”.

“Peradventure, but you think if I’m a bird? Some birds do not build a nest – why? Do not try and bend the spoon”. He looked up at her and smiled.

“But I want that bonding in relationship, I want to keep our relationship from getting stale. Why won’t you commit?”.

“Relationships are hard work so do you know how to boost the bond”.

“Perchance I can! Inner bonding process. I know that but how to make you understand and how..”.

“Yes, It is quite feasible for it to happen! Relationships are hard work. Why are our expectations always that we will meet that someone special fall in love and live happily ever after. Well, that worked for Cinderella, but it rarely happens in real life”.

“You think that if I’m Cinderella?”

“Maybe, you are!”. He laughed.


“Well, Cinderella was only a fantasy”.


“Fantasies never exist in reality”.

“If we want to bond with another person, we need to work at it, and never ever take it for granted”.

“When we fall in love we think we will live in new relationship bliss for the rest of our lives”.

“That’s a truth!”

“Perhaps not because after we get to know each other and the newness wears off we start to venture back into our lives bringing our new love with us. Life is content and we are happy”.

“Did you ever think that what makes me happy?”

“I do know but maybe I don’t want to hurt you! However, feelings get hurt and are never resolved; these hurts fester and before you know it the relationship is not on solid ground.”

“It is not so difficult, we can try to make it possible! We can complete each other!”.

“No one person can complete the other. There is no such thing as a soul mate. Be your own soul mate.”

“We can’t live in fantasies, we can’t be our own soul mates”. She denied it.

“But Bonding is a slow process. It does not happen overnight”. He grasped her.

“I feel there are many gaps in our understanding”.

“Exactly, chemical bonding and love, I like to tease you”. He laughed like a drain.

“You always try to stand opposite to me”. She could not fathom out the reason.

“Yes, I do because I like it, it shows that you love me. I want to hear it over and over again”. he picked her up in his arms with great tenderness.

“The game of life and love, it shows I have a sense of humour. What you like to hear over and over?”.

“Affectionate talk, sweet words. I like when you whisper endearments”. He grasped her hand.

“And I like when you hold my hand and look at me quietly, whether you talked about inconsequential things, but it shows you want to make me smile because you love me, I want to hear it over and over again with words of love”.

“Words of inordinate stupidity”. He guffawed.

“Love is not stupidity, love is beautiful”.

“I have run the purple stages of dawn thinking of you. Under majestic skies of bright brilliant blue. Soft rain trickles down and splashes on my face”.

“Your words are pouring on my soul, pouring on my heart.”

“You are the only one I can never ever replace”. He released his clasp on her arm.

“I want that you will never ever replace me.”

“Now I have to go as I am horse riding. Horses need exercise as well as humans. Hope to see you later today.”

She stared at him quietly.

Ayada E Jaan Guzaarishaat (AEJG) – An Excerpt


“Mujhay mohabat ke zamano se koi sarokar Nahin hai, main inn mausamo se aankh Milna Nahin chahta, na inn rango se baat Krny ka waqat hai Mery paas! Tum Apny Taraf se aany wali tamaam hawaoo ko khabberdaar ker do mera taqub na kerien, unn suni sargoshiyoo ko meri simat bhejna Tarak ker do, Mohabbat takhreebkaar lagti hai Mujhay Aur Tumhari nazar marakasaz, Mujhay be-wajah ke uljhano main mat uljhao, meri roh na-tawan Nahin na khaufzada hon, Mujhay Bas Iss rasty ka tayyunn Nahin kerna.”

An excerpt from the forthcoming Novel called “Ayada E Jaan Guzaarishaat (AEJG)”.

Written by Ushna Kausar Sardar